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About Online Media Kit

This website was actually a side project for several years. The person who founded this website was a media practitioner who worked for several large PR and advertising firms in the Bay Area as well as in London, England. She found out quickly that finding the right eyeballs is one thing, speaking the specific language of certain communities is another altogether. In other words, you can spend a tremendous amount of money hiring a top-notch PR firm with all the bells and whistles to get access to the market that you’re looking for.

Unfortunately, the report that they gave you is filled with all sorts of glossy pictures and seemingly impressive charts and numbers. However, if you actually read between the lines, it may well turn out that your campaign was not as effective as it could have been. Why? You used a brute-force approach. In other words, you just threw money at the problem and you just advertise in any and all media properties that somehow some way have something to do with your demographic.

Now, I’m not saying that this doesn’t work. What I’m saying is that if you are operating with tight budgetary parameters, this is probably like burning down a huge house trying to get rid of ants. It’s overkill. It’s highly inefficient, and you are probably also aware that in today’s highly competitive media landscape, there is just so much competition that you really cannot continue to operate at high levels of inefficiency. It’s only a matter of time until your competitors completely blow you out of the game.

This is why alternative media is such a great bargain. Onlinemediakit.com was built on the mistakes, tears, chills, spills and betrayals of traditional PR and advertising. In other words, this website has made all the mistakes and seen through all the mistakes and the reasoning behind it, and put together a different body of solutions.

Make no mistake about it whether you are wet behind the ears in PR and advertising or whether you are a battle-hardened and scarred professional, you know how the game works. You know what you’re up against. You know how quickly it is to blow through what would seem like an infinite amount of money. If you think 10 million dollars is a lot of money, think again. You can blow through that in a week, and we’re not talking about expensive cocaine habits here. We’re talking about undefined and badly strategized media campaigns.

Onlinemediakit.com cuts through the fluff, goes straight to the jugular of what you’re looking for. You’re not looking for a blind reach. You’re not looking for making a flash for the sake of making a flash. You’re looking for results.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your clients making money or not. This is what this website is all about. We’re all about results, we’re all about laser targeting and we’re all about relationships. Believe it or not relationships bring results all day every day. Everything else is noise.